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  1. Best Hair Color Winner: L'oreal Paris Healthy Look Creme Gloss Color There are many reason for coloring your hair. You may have some gray hair that you want to cover up so you can... Best Hair Color
  2. Best Flat Iron Winner: Best Flat Iron Flat irons are not just for curly heads anymore. New technology has made these tools one of the most popular... Best Flat Iron
  3. Best Electric Griddle Winner: Oster 16" by 10" Electric Griddle One of the handiest appliances to have in your the kitchen is an electric griddle. These flat appliances are... Best Electric Griddle
  4. Best Guitar EQ Pedal Winner: Empress ParaEq with Boost Guitarists can be pretty picky about the EQ of their tone. And while one can definitely adjust the frequencies... Best Guitar EQ Pedal
  5. Best Table Tennis Paddle Winner: Killerspin JET200 Table Tennis Paddle The right table tennis paddle can be tailored to your style of play or pre-assembled. Most professional... Best Table Tennis Paddle
  6. Best Computer Case Winner: ThermalTake VN10001W2N Level 10 GT Black Full Tower Computer cases can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from bizarre custom models designed to look like... Best Computer Case
  7. Best Guitar Capo Winner: G7th G7C-P2BLK Performance 2 Guitar Capo If guitarists are super heroes (and let’s be honest, they all are, to some varying degree), then the... Best Guitar Capo
  8. Best Hybrid Bike Winner: Specialized Source Two SE Limited Hybrid Bike The hybrid bike is the best of two worlds. Hybrids take the best characteristics from road bikes and combine... Best Hybrid Bike
  9. Best Guitar Preamp Winner: A/DA APP Guitar Preamp When you’re first starting out in the world of electric guitars, you may be satisfied with simply... Best Guitar Preamp
  10. Best Guitar Power Attenuator Winner: Bad Cat Unleash Attenuator Booster There’s a good chance that you could poll a random selection of guitarists, and half of them are... Best Guitar Power Attenuator