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  1. Best Bras Winner: Vanity Fair Superior Support Full Figure Contour Looking good in your clothes is much more than simply choosing an outfit that compliments your figure. For... Best Bras
  2. Best Gas Furnaces Winner: Rinnai ES38-N Direct Vent Wall Furnace, Natural Gas The best time to shop for a gas furnace is before cold weather hits so that you’re not forced to make a... Best Gas Furnaces
  3. Best Air Purifier Winner: Honeywell True HEPA Air Purifier 50250-S Because indoor air pollution can be the same, if not worse than the air outdoors, purchasing an air purifier... Best Air Purifier
  4. Best Glue Gun Winner: Steinel HiPURformer Advanced Bonding System Most do-it-yourself types and woodworkers look at glue guns as something for their wives to use for crafts... Best Glue Gun
  5. Best iPhone Charger Winner: Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Apple's iPhone has transformed from a simple mobile device to a GPS unit, portable entertainment center and... Best iPhone Charger
  6. Best Heat Gun Winner: Steinel 34890 HG 2510 ESD Programmable IntelliTemp Heat Gun Heat guns aren't really one of the first tools that most people think of when stocking a workshop, but... Best Heat Gun
  7. Best Concealer Winner: Laura Mercier Secret Concealer If you were stuck on a stranded island and were told you could only have one makeup product, concealer this... Best Concealer
  8. Best Tape Measure Winner: Lufkin P2133D Power Return Engineer's Tape The earliest patent for a tape measure was awarded in 1922. These early models were imprinted on cloth and... Best Tape Measure
  9. Best Hair Straightening Cream Winner: Kiehl's Silk Straightening Cream If you have wavy, coarse, curly or frizzy hair, you know how difficult it is to obtain smooth and straight... Best Hair Straightening Cream
  10. Best Hand Gripper Winner: Gripmaster Hand Exerciser Heavy Tension There are many reasons to use hand grippers because a strong grip not only prevents injury, but it can... Best Hand Gripper