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  1. Best Pomade Winner: got 2 b Stackables Defiant Shine Pomade A pomade is an excellent styling tool for hair. It can help in a number of ways. From texturizing, to adding... Best Pomade
  2. Best Laptops Winner: Origin EON17-SLX Custom Gaming Laptop Laptops used to be a pipe dream in the world of computing just a couple of decades ago. Back then, they would... Best Laptops
  3. Best Blender Winner: Oster VERSA 1400-watt Professional Performance Blender A blender has been a staple of the kitchen for decades. Although they have been partially supplanted by modern... Best Blender
  4. Best Tripods Winner: MeFoto A2350Q2K GlobeTrotter Travel Tripod Tripods are invaluable camera companions, allowing for clear photos at longer shutter speeds, eliminating... Best Tripods
  5. Best Face Lotion Winner: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel Face lotions are ideal for daily use and are designed to lightly hydrate.  Some will even protect the... Best Face Lotion
  6. Best Hand Soap Winner: Tom's of Maine Natural Beauty Bar Using a hand soap is something that is a part of our daily routine and yet most of us do not really give it... Best Hand Soap
  7. Best Dog Shampoo Winner: Bio-Groom Herbal Groom Pet Shampoo Although there are specific dog shampoos like flea and tick treatments that are formulated to deal with... Best Dog Shampoo
  8. Best Golf Grips Overall Winner: Golf Pride Decade Multi-Compound Cord Grip Choosing a grip can be a challenge given the number of options that exist on the market. Typically, a quality... Best Golf Grips Overall
  9. Best Iron Winner: Steam Fast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron Irons have undergone considerable improvement when it comes to fabric care. In addition to safety and... Best Iron
  10. Best Water Cooler Dispenser Winner: Clover B7A Hot and Cold Water Dispenser With Adjustable Cold Water Thermostat The main benefit of a freestanding or countertop water cooler is the convenience of having cold drinking water... Best Water Cooler Dispenser