Aardvark Clays Coleman Porcelain

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Expert Review

This is high-quality pottery clay created by well-known pottery artist Tom Coleman. This clay type is a grolleg, a blend of English china clays and it has a very low absorption rate making it a good choice for tableware. Unlike many other types of clay, it’s a good choice for large pieces and holds up well when thrown thin. The clay is white with a translucent look after it’s been fired; recommended for Cone 10, but can be used for Cone 8 through 11.

Aardvark Clay is a fairly popular brand with a fairly widespread distribution network though it can be harder to find an online source. The only real drawback to this clay is its fairly high price but for non-specialized projects, Aardvark offers a range of good clays at lower prices.Rating: 4.25/5

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