Ab Rocket Twister Abdominal Trainer

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    The Ab Rocket Twister is like a traditional ab rocker on steroids because of its unique design that covers the entire core. It offers resistance in both the eccentric and concentric movements of the crunch making it dually effective at working the rectus abdominus while the seat swivels to make it an oblique obliterator.

    The unique padded roller design offers comfort and support over your entire back and neck, and keeps you in the proper form throughout your movements. The Ab Rocket Twist is a great machine for those who are limited on space because it folds up small enough to fit under a bed and has a pretty small footprint even when not folded.

    The joints of this machine are really cool too because they click to let you know that you have reached the best spot and should start moving in another direction. The machine itself does not offer a lot of support for other muscle movements but the company sends bands and workout DVDs with the machine to complete your workout.Rating: 4.5/5

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