Aegis Padlock Hardware Encrypted 120GB External SSD

Aegis Padlock Hardware Encrypted 120GB External SSD Add to MyBests

Expert Review

It looks like one of those USB number pads, but make no mistake of what the Aegis Padlock is and what it can do. This hardware encrypted 120GB (but up to 480GB) external SSD just hit the market and is meant for those in enterprise or those absolutely need to depend on security for their files but also need the reliability or speed of an SSD. As you may have guessed, the number pad on the Aegis Padlock is not for show, but rather is a way for you to enter your own PIN physically onto the drive to ensure safety. This prevents the drive to be tampered by more typical software hacking or other keylogging technology and assures you the safety of your device from a security standpoint. Plus once you throw in the included MIL-SPEC protection against drops and falls, 3 year warranty, and up to 205MB and 185MB read and write speeds, this drive has all you could want in security and more.Rating: 4.25/5

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