Alembic Stanley Clarke Signature Standard Bass Guitar

Expert Review

Praise for Stanley Clarke as a bassist simply cannot be understated; the man was the first bass player to headline tours and release gold-selling albums. He also innovated a variety of styles that have become part of the nomenclature of bass players, including the slap/pop technique. He pioneered these movements using a custom-made Alembic bass guitar, and now the company offers its own signature version with Clarke’s name on it. The Stanley Clarke Signature Standard is a 5-string bass guitar with a thin taper neck that allows players to easily work their way around the frets without feeling any kind of fatigue.

This bass guitar is meant to sing as its own melodic instrument, and so its pickups (AXY56s) can get trebly to fulfill the top-end of a mix, or rumble in the lower nether regions of the frequency range to do what a bass is supposed to do and that’s bring the low end. This axe is also equipped with numerous controls for volume, panning, and a low-pass filter, which lets players fine-tune their tone to their liking with ease. Gold hardware gives this guitar a regal finesse, but what else would you expect from an instrument that has the name Stanley Clarke attached to it?Rating: 5/5