Aleratec 350123 1:1 HDD Copy Dock USB 3.0 Hard Drive

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    While all hard drive docks can handle a single drive plugged right in, and many can handle multiple drives, the Aleratec 350123 is among a select few of devices that can handle one especially unique feature drive cloning. Just like all hard drive docks, the Aleratec can connect with up to two difference 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch hard drives, connecting them via USB 3.0 hardware to your PC for maximum speed and connectivity. However, if you're cloning a hard drive for security purposes, or moving to upgrade your drive to a larger capacity without starting from scratch, the Aleratec 350123 has one serious edge. The Aleratec can clone two drives sector-by-sector, ensuring a complete clone of your hard drive from one medium to the next, as well as not even requiring a PC to do it. As a result, the Aleratec 350123 is an expensive, but feature rich and dev-friendly unit for those who need the hard drive dock experience with DIY cloning capabilities.Rating: 4.25/5

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