Allen & Heath GL2400 Dual Function Live Sound Mixer

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Expert Review

Mixing just got a whole lot easier with the Allen & Heath GL2400-32 mixing board. Offering up 32 channels to work with, this unit also features four separate audio groups with pan control, six aux sends with pre/post fader switching per channel, as well as dedicated channel, master, and stereo monitor meters. The design of this device has been carefully planned out to give engineers everything they need at their fingertips without being too overwhelming. The GL2400-32 also sports an ultra low-noise mix head amp design, which is important for keeping your audio from creeping into the red. Though the digital revolution is upon us, there are still situations where analog is the way to go, and mixing boards like this one certainly prove that they can hold their own with whatever new technology is thrown in their face.Rating: 4.5/5

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