Allen & Heath XB-14-2

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Expert Review

While it’s great to have a dedicated engineer onboard for all projects, sessions, and broadcasts, the truth of the matter is that sometimes that role falls to someone who is already doing something else sometimes even talking on air. But there’s no reason to fret when you have compact, versatile mixing boards available that are easy enough for even audio novices to operate. The Allen & Heath XB-14-2 mixing board is ideal for broadcasters running a single-operator radio show. Using the 10 channels included here, you can mix in host, guest, and remote caller audio all from the convenience of your own desk. Each channel has its own simplified equalizers, making it easy to dial in the sound you need. The device can connect and send out to computers via a USB connection, making it a great tool for recording direct to digital or to stream signal online.Rating: 4/5

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