Alphacool NexXxos Cool Answer 360 LT/ST Set

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Expert Review

There is a lot to like about this water cooling kit, but it is just a bit too hard to track down in the US to make it the best choice overall. It comes with a pump and reservoir, along with all the tubing and fittings you are likely to need. The tubes are nice and wide for easy liquid flow and it includes coolant that works much better than water. This is a 360mm model thanks to three 120mm fans that keep your system nice and cool, even during serious overclocking sessions. You can use this kit with all the current AMD and Intel sockets, so it's a great choice for a wide range of different systems. The real weakness of this one is there's a limited number of retailers that carry it in the US, so it can be a bit hard to track down. You can order directly from the manufacturer, but you will have to deal with European conversion rates.Rating: 4/5

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