Alpine PDX F6 Amplifier 4-Channel

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Expert Review

The second-generation Alpine PDX-series amplifiers are slightly smaller than the original models, yet retain the powerful performance that made the PDX so popular among enthusiasts and audiophiles. The Class-D amplifier allows more efficient operation from a smaller size chassis while remaining cooler under stress. The PDX-F6 puts out 150 watts RMS at both 4 ohms or 2, and bridged output climbs to 300 watts RMS. As before, the PDX-F6 can be stacked on top of other PDX amplifiers to save space while retaining full functionality. Alpine supplies a 'verification certificate' with the PDX-F6 which shows the true output of your particular amplifier as it was tested before leaving the factory. Considering its performance, the Alpine PDX-F6 stands out as somewhat of a bargain.Rating: 4.25/5

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