Amati AAS 33 Student Alto Saxophone

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Expert Review

Amati specifically aligns the keys on this saxophone with facility and comfort for smaller hands in mind. Normally reserved for higher-level saxophones, the AAS 33 is equipped with blue steel springs, giving the keys a better response when pressed, and metal resonators to enhance the tone. This horn also has a high F-sharp key for playing higher notes, which a student won't need until they reach a more intermediate level of playing. In addition, the bell of the saxophone is designed to make the lower register notes, which take more effort to produce, easier to play. A reinforced octave-key system is used to prevent damage and operate smoothly. Though the standard gold lacquer is recommended for beginners, this horn also comes with the option for alternate finishes, such as silver plating or black lacquer, so a beginner can add a personalized look to their saxophone if they would like.Rating: 4.75/5

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