AMD A10-Series APU A10-7850K AD785KXBJABOX

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    In looking at this APU compared to other processors, it's important to consider how it is designed differently than a lot of CPUs on the market. As an APU, this processor includes both general CPU and more specialized GPU processing cores, but the Kaveri design allows the computer to more easily use both types of cores for a wide range of tasks. So while it has four CPU and eight GPU cores, AMD markets it as a model with 12 compute cores overall. In terms of actual performance, it is quite good and can run a wide range of tasks, including many PC games, without a dedicated graphics card. If you want to run the latest games at the highest settings, however, then you'll still want a video card with dedicated graphics memory. It has 4MB of memory and runs at 3.7GHz right out of the box. The 28nm Kaveri architecture also has quite low power draw, which makes this very different from something like the AMD FX-9590 that requires a lot of power.Rating: 4/5

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