AMD FD9590FHHKWOF FX-9590 FX-Series 8-Core Black Edition

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    This is certainly the fastest processor that AMD offers, with speeds of 4.7GHz right out of the box. While it is possible to overclock it a bit, up to about 5.0GHz, that's the limit and you shouldn't pick this chip if you want a great overclocking option. It's an eight-core model with 8MB of L2 and L3 cache memory to ensure terrific speeds and performance. Honestly, the only major drawback with this chip is the price. While it's certainly not as expensive as the best processors from Intel, it's definitely at the high end for AMD CPUs. If you have no desire to overclock your CPU and want the fastest chip on the market, then this one is your best option, but you're certainly paying for that performance. Energy requirements on this one are a bit high, so make sure your system can handle its power draw.Rating: 5/5

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