AMT Electronics Tube Guitar Series SS-20 Guitar Preamp

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As of December 9th, 2013
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    An impressive amount of thought went into the electrical engineering of this product. At time dizzying, the spec sheet can read somewhat like an operational manual for a 747. But what lies underneath counts, and there is much to consider under the hood. Overall, great care has been placed in allowing you to replicate natural amplifier dynamics. In addition to the normal output jack, there is a speaker cabinet compensated output for mixing consoles. This feature is also particularly handy for home recording. In direct out mode, there is also a cabinet emulator. Much of the emphasis with the signal chain is placed on voltage, and AMT Electronics boasts that this unit is capable of reaching 250V, which rivals a 12AX7 triode. What does this all mean in the end? This means that your pre-amp is designed to pump your amp with a big, warm sounding signal, while providing a high level of flexibility. From Russia with Love. Rating: 4/5

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