Anthem MRX 710 7-channel 120 Watt A/V receiver

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Expert Review

This Canadian manufacturer sets its receivers apart by having a very specific focus on top-notch sound performance. This means when looking at a specifications list, the Anthem MRX 710 will almost always lose to the competition because it lacks most of the features usually used to draw buyers in. However, if you prefer a no-nonsense receiver that does what it does very well, the MRX 710 is an excellent choice.

This high-end 7.1-channel receiver has a stout 120 watts per channel, although like its predecessor, lacks 7.1-channel analog audio inputs. However, Anthem has almost doubled the amount of HDMI inputs, now at a total of eight and a second HDMI output has also been added. 4K and 3D passthrough are included, as is 4K upscaling.

This receiver doesn’t offer anything in the way of wireless connectivity, although an Ethernet port is now included. The removal of features such as internet radio streaming has left most of the updates to the MRX 710 as out-of-sight, internal updates. An improved cooling system and overall internal circuitry help the MRX 710 hone its focus on being an excellent audio and video output machine, while offering a high level of build quality.

Anthem's new ARC 1M (the second generation of Anthem Room Correction) runs much faster than the last version; it still requires a PC to work, but remains some of the most effective auto-calibration software available. While audio performance is a highly subjective topic, the Anthem MRX 710 is clearly a choice for those who want exceptional sound quality and the ability for the receiver to be used as a preamp. If you want a receiver with lots of features and wireless connectivity, this will not be the right one for you. The MRX 710 might not be recommendable as an overall value pick, but delivers arguably some of the best sound output for the money.Rating: 4.5/5