API 2500 Stereo Compressor

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    API’s 2500 compressor is the real deal, a unit that provides unparalleled compression that is so acclaimed that there are software plug-ins that exist that seek to emulate its great sound. Like most compressors, the 2500 offers selectable ratio, attack, and release times and a variety of knees to help dial in the right kind of compression. What makes the unit notable is its ability to switch between old and new compression with the former employing a feedback style of compression that was first utilized in the API 525, while the latter uses a feed forward approach that directs the compressor’s side chain directly from the unit input. This results in a variety of potential sounds to help mold your audio and make it sound great. While the 2500 is a stereo compressor, it can also be used in mono mode for mono sources.Rating: 5/5

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