Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB MP3 Player

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Expert Review

The Shuffle is so small, there's no screen and on previous models there weren't many buttons either. The unit controlled the music for you by shuffling randomly without any rhyme or reason. But now the unit comes equipped with a clickable control pad that lets you play, pause, and skip to your heart's content.

Since there's no display for track or artist information, Apple came up with a voice-over option that tells you the name of the song you're listening to and the name of the band playing. You can access this feature at any time, with a dedicated button along the side of the tiny unit.

Battery life can extend close to an advertised 15 hours but that varies depending upon the length of your songs from track to track. The Shuffle is so small you may fear you could easily lose it but don't worry, it comes with a small clip so you can attach it to your clothing or bag.Rating: 4.5/5

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