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    The most anticipated smartwatch out there may not be without faults, but it is certainly one of the best available on the market. If you’re seeking the fashion statement that wearing a smartwatch makes, the Apple Watch should be your first choice. The looks of the Apple Watch live up to the hype although not everyone is going to be a fan of non-traditional watch faces. However, Apple has made an extremely compelling case for the smartphone inspired look.

    This well-built device looks great and also available in three different configurations, with the least-expensive Watch Sport, the regular Watch, and the exorbitantly-priced Watch Edition; the only difference is design, as all three configurations share the same internal components. Setup is reasonably simple, although an iPhone 5 or newer is required to work with the Apple Watch.

    There is somewhat of a learning curve for the interface which many users may not expect from an Apple product. The interface is not as similar to an iPhone as one might expect, with many of new features such as Force Touch which allows the watch the detect the difference between light and hard touches on the screen. Plenty of features are included such as a solid set of fitness apps but one of the compelling aspects of the Apple Watch is its access to a diverse app ecosystem. Unfortunately, this is somewhat hampered by the problems that the device often has while running third party apps.

    The device includes Siri support, the ability to send and receive calls via your iPhone, as well as Apple Pay. Like most other smartwatches, the Apple Watch uses vibrating alerts which feel higher quality instead of just feeling buzzy. One of the weakest points of the Apple Watch is its battery life, which lasts for a day depending on your usage. Pairing the device to an iPhone also drains the phone’s battery faster, and the Watch is quite slow to charge.

    Overall, the Apple Watch lives up to the hype and offers a game-changing device, being comfortable to wear, versatile in its applications, and well-designed. Although smartwatches will continue to need refinement before they become must-have items, new features such as Apple Pay have a lot of potential for this devices future growth in the marketplace.Rating: 5/5

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