Aria SB1000RIB Bass Guitar

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In the late 1970s, Japanese guitar manufacturer Aria changed the game with the introduction of their SB1000 bass guitar, an instrument so impressive it quickly garnered a list of high-profile fans, including Cream’s Jack Bruce who abandoned his trusty Gibson EB3 bass to lay his hands on the Aria. Decades later, the company has let the beast out of its cage again, with a reissue of the legendary SRB1000RIB, which captures the same high-end magic of its predecessor.

If you feel like getting your Cliff Burton on and want to dance away at the frets which are usually too high for bassists to ever even access, this is the bass guitar for you. Its cutaway body shape gives you a perfect entry point to hit all 24 of its frets. The neck-through-body design of its maple neck makes this instrument have an incredible amount of sustain. The electronics in this guitar are simple yet effective; a single humbucker gives you the ability to punch through the frequency range so the bass player will definitely be heard in the mix for once. A BB-Circuit provides a clear and distinct tone while eschewing any unwanted noise.Rating: 4.5/5

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