ASUS ATX DDR3 2600 FM2 Crossblade Ranger Motherboard

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Expert Review

The ATX FM2+ board from Asus is really without peer for boards using this socket. It's equipped with many features only available for AMD AM3+ hardware, offering an unsurpassed UEFI BOIS with a full range of overclocking feature catering to both casual and hardcore overclocking. It also has a robust Extreme Engine Digi+ III VRM subsystem offering alloy chokes and full digital CPU and DIMM control which is very important for high range overclocking. This board comes with two gen 3.0 PCI Express x16 slots, an additional Ggen 2.0 x16 slot for multi-GPU setups, as well as a LED q-code display on the board for easy troubleshooting any boot-up problems. You’re also getting an Intel GameFirst III gigabit network chip for worry-free networking and a Supreme FX 2014 audio subsystem for high-end audio quality.Rating: 5/5

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