Audio Technica AE2500 Dynamic Microphone

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    The Audio Technica AE2500 is a microphone that endears itself to recording kick drums, for some obvious reasons. Firstly, this unit comes with an 80Hz low cut filter built into the condenser component of the microphone, which is ideal for capturing the frequencies that the kick drum makes.This unit also doubles as a dynamic microphone as well. The elements in this device are positioned so as to create a perfect phase relationship, a feat that is nearly impossible if you were to try to replicate that with two separate microphones. These two entities work hand-in-hand in capturing the sound of a kick drum; the dynamic aspect picks up the aggressive attack of the beater, while the condenser component grabs the rounder tones that emanate from the shell. The microphone’s diaphragm is tensioned and aged to promote long-term consistency and stability, which is pretty important considering it’s placed in front of a piece of a drum kit that is getting hit with energy and aplomb.Rating: 5/5

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