Audio-Technica AT-LP60-USB Record/CD Turntable

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    Audio Technica is one of the few large audio companies who stuck with analog sound despite the world going digital. One reason is that they have been a manufacturer of quality phono cartridges for many years. The AT-LP60 USB turntable is a typical budget setup - straight tonearm, belt-driven platter, and fully-automatic (tonearm returns to rest at the end of a side). Unlike many budget tables, the AT-LP60 has an aluminum platter. The moving magnet cartridge is permanently attached to the tonearm. The downside is that no upgrade path is available (you can replace the stylus when it wears out). The upside is that the tracking angle is correctly set from the factory, and A-T makes the cartridge.

    The AT-LP60 USB has a USB output, and RCA outputs that supply line-level audio to a wide range of receivers and A/V gear. It also comes with a dual RCA to mini cable for connecting to the 3.5mm input on a computer sound card. A copy of Audacity is included for digitizing your LPs to MP3s or other formats.

    The noise specs are respectable, several different connecting cables are included, and the included cartridge provides good sound. At its price, the Audio-Technica LP60 USB turntable is hard to beat.Rating: 4.5/5

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