Behr Transparent Waterproofing Wood Finish

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Expert Review

The Behr Transparent Waterproofing Wood Finish (an outdoor sealant) is a really good sealant to consider buying. I have used it personally on my grandmother's deck and can testify to how strong of a finish it provides. Like the Olympic sealant, it's both UV and mildew resistant, in addition to being waterproof. I also like the fact that like the top finisher on this list, it can be cleaned up with soap and water. This makes things a bit safer, as I mentioned above. It's also available three different transparent colors that accent whatever wood grain you happen to be working with. This is good because it increases the chance that the sealant will look great with the wood you want to work on. Finally, this sealant also comes with a warranty (two years for horizontal surfaces and four years for vertical surfaces).Rating: 4.25/5

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