BIC SUP 12'6" ACE-TEC Wing Racing and Touring SUP

Expert Review

The 12'6" ACE-TEC Wing Racing and Touring SUP BY BIC Sports is versatile touring stand up paddle board. The 9 inch single fin, pointed bow and tapered tail help the Wing glide across the surface of the water; this excellent tracking makes paddling easy for day trips and longer expeditions. With 285 liters of buoyancy, the Wing has plenty of capacity to haul your gear and keep it dry.

This SUP is 30 inches wide, making it extremely stable. BIC Sports is a mass production water sports company, which enables the Wing to be moderately priced but don’t let the cost fool you. The Wing comes standard with a number of sweet extras, from the extremely comfortable deck pad built for touring to the ergonomic carrying handle.Rating: 4.75/5

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