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If the Blackberry Classic looks familiar, it’s because the company’s is returning to the design that the company (ne RIM) was known for. It seems almost retro, but the company claims that the Classic isn’t for the masses that dumped the original Blackberry models for touchscreen Androids and iPhone. These phones are for people who genuinely like the Bold 9900-series of phones. In response, albeit long after it released its current crop of phones, the company reintroduced features on the Classic which haven’t been seen since the company rebranded itself.

The Classic runs Blackberry’s latest operating system, Blackberry10 and attempts to close the app gap with competitors by allowing the installation of apps from its first party app store (Blackberry World) as well as Amazon’s Android App Store. However, the experience left many reviewers scratching their heads, as the Amazon apps weren’t designed for the Classic’s square display.

The biggest plus for faithful Blackberry users is a return to the bolder Bold/9900-series QWERTY keyboard. Other than that, the specs are fairly middle of the road with 16 GB of storage, microSD expansion and a camera that’s been called "good enough" by reviewers. It will be available through Verizon and AT&T although its availability through other carriers is up in the air. Blackberry will sell unlocked versions of the phone through

Will it be enough to bring former Blackberry users back to the fold? Probably not, but that’s probably wasn’t the plan to begin with. The Classic represents Blackberry’s attempt to dig in with the users they have now, rather than trying to turn back time to before 2007.Rating: 4.75/5

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