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    The Leap is a curious device. Though it came after the Z30, BlackBerry’s followup to the Z10 and its only completely touch screen device, its specs are slightly lower than its predecessor. That’s because the Leap wasn’t meant to replace the Z30. It was meant as a device to deployed as a general purpose device for companies that needed to communicate with its workers.However, as you'll see, it is in many ways an excellent buy and successor to the Z30.It’s not a stunning device, but let’s face it, if you’re looking for a BlackBerry device, your pickings are pretty slim.

    The Leap has been given praise by critics because of its very solid build quality. To be fair, a solid device is just the sort of thing the bean counters in accounting would want to be distributed to the working masses. Rather than glass and metal the Leap is glass and rubber, which again, is a better choice for something being bought in bulk, to be put into the hands of people who probably won’t be very careful with the device.The screen is 5 inches (at a resolution of 1,280x720, which isn’t bad) and the device takes a microSD card for storage to augment its 64GB of storage.

    |The device also includes Hub and Blend, one of the newer features BlackBerry’s added to BB10 in the last few years. Blend allows users to access the information on their BlackBerry, including contacts and calendar items.Interestingly, the Leap received high marks for its 8 megapixel camera, which apparently takes fairly good stills for a camera. However, overall performance is apparently somewhere between "meh" and "blah." The Leap also plays nicely with LTE, as well as 802.11b/g/n (at 2.4Ghz). Reviewers are also very impressed by the longevity of the Leap’s battery, reportedly a whole day of heavy use.

    Rating: 4.5/5

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