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    If you’re a BlackBerry user who’s serious about the old design of BlackBerrys, and there’s quite a few of them, apparently, there’s two choices the very expensive P’9983 and the much for reasonable Q10.

    We’re going to make this quick: unless you’re someone who would describe themselves as a serious BackBerry fanboy, forget about the P’9983, save a yourself a grip of cash and get the Q10. They’re essentially the same phone. The Q10 features the BlackBerry 10 operating systema touchscreen and a physical keyboard. Battery life is an amazing 13 hours of talk time and 15 days of standby. The phone also features 16 GB of internal storage, with additional storage with microSD cards. It also features an 8 megapixel camera for stills and high definition 1080p videos.

    The BlackBerry P’9983 is a pricier, $2,000 variant of the Q10. BlackBerry insists it’s a different model, and taking the cost, as well as its redesigned body (including the keyboard), as well as a "special" BlackBerry Messenger PIN ID to identify its users, into consideration, it’s a status symbol for the hardcore BlackBerry user. If you’re the kind of person that Porsche Design means something, the BlackBerry P’9983 may be the phone that compliments your Porsche Design sunglasses, watch, coat and car.

    It’s not a phone for everyone at $2,000, but the differences are, of course, the design, and 64GB of internal storage. BlackBerry is adamant that is a different device, and with the external differences, the price and a unique BlackBerry Messenger PIN and icon for devices designed by Porsche (2AAXXXXX, according to the company’s website). It will impress and intimidate, assuming the people you’re giving that number to still use BBM and actually know what that 2AA is supposed to mean. We’re not so sure this constitutes a "different device".

    Aside from that, the P’9983’s build quality, which includes a stainless steel frame, is reportedly very, very high according to the reviewers who were able to get their hands on one, though there's no complaints about the Q10. Even the keyboard, which many agree is top notch on BlackBerrys, was given the redesign treatment. As it turns out, Porsche Design made the keys even better, though it’s doubtful it’s worth the price. Like other BB10 devices, it can download apps from BlackBerry World, Amazon’s app store or it can sideload other Android apps. The P’9983 and Q10 connects via LTE and 2.4GHz/5Ghz wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n.Rating: 4/5

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