Bluemax Sunrise System 320 Alarm Clock

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Commonly referred to as a "dawn simulator," the Bluemax Sunrise System 320 uses long-lasting LED bulbs to create a powerful, warm light that shines upon you when it's time to get up. Some people prefer their mornings to be peaceful and serene; wailing screams or raucous discord are the last thing they want to wake up to. But even the heaviest dozer would be hard-pressed to sleep through high-wattage bathed across their face. Think of it as someone walking into your darkened room and opening the curtains to let the intense morning sun hit you in the face. The LED's can be set for a 10 minute to 90 minute "sunrise", with the lights getting brighter and more intense at your prescribed progression. Or if you just want to calm down and relax, you can reverse the setting to simulate a soothing "sunset."

Maybe it's the weekend and you don't need to wake up at any specific time the Bluemax also works as a reliable night-light and it can even be set to switch on and off at random for when you're away from home but don't want anyone to know you've left. Of course, if you also need that invading audible stimulation to get you up, the Bluemax has a loud alarm that can be set with your appointed sunrise time as well.Rating: 4.5/5

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