Bosch Platinum IR Fusion Spark Plug

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    Iridium spark plugs may offer the best performance outright of any type of spark plug available, but the drawback is the high initial cost. To remedy this shortcoming, Bosch offers the Platinum IR Fusion spark plug.

    As its name suggests, this spark plug features a center electrode made of a Bosch-exclusive blend of platinum and iridium which is designed to increase performance over a platinum spark plug without demanding the cost of an iridium one. This is combined with four precisely gapped yttrium-enhanced ground electrodes for a more powerful spark, which allows more thorough ignition of the fuel/air mixture.

    These spark plugs are designed to last their entire life without needing gap adjustment or other maintenance. If you believe that the increase in performance and durability is worth the couple extra dollars over traditional spark plugs, the Bosch Platinum IR Fusion is your best bet.Rating: 5/5

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