Boss DB-30 Metronome

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    Boss has been long known for making the best metronomes and the DB-30 offers the best overall performance options and value for your money. It produces different time signatures and rhythmic patterns along with a headphone jack so you can plug in headphones and hear it over your drums (or instrument of choice). The DB-30 can also produce subdivisions, has a memory function for mixed metered passages, a tap tempo function, as well as a mute button.

    Like most budget metronomes, the tempo is adjusted through the use of separate buttons for increasing and decreasing the speed of the click which actually reacts quicker than you might expect it to. The DB-30 is the smallest and most portable of all the Dr. Beat metronome, which is great for musicians who practice in many different locations. And despite this pick bearing the hallowed Dr. Beat name, it’s surprisingly inexpensive.Rating: 5/5

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