Boss GT-100 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

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Expert Review

The BOSS GT-100 COSM multi-effects processor doesn’t just give you access to an array of effects at your feet; it also gives you the ability to sculpt your tone with a variety of amp emulators and settings. Skim through the sounds and settings of dozens of vintage and classic amps, or tweak the parameters to create your own customized sounds. Dual LCD screens and an eight-knob interface makes the library of effects and amp settings easy to navigate and you’ll have quite a few effects to dig through on this unit. Choruses, delays, echoes, modulation effects, pitch-shifting settings, baby it’s all here.

The GT-100’s Accel pedal gives this unit more of a performance-driven control. You can affect multiple parameters like the Feedbacker, Twist, or S-Bend live in real-time with this component of the processor. But why stop at just those sounds? This unit also includes a guitar-to-MIDI conversion straight out of the normal 1/4-inch input, meaning you can use the sound coming from your instrument to trigger sounds from external MIDI-friendly devices, VSTs, and more.Rating: 5/5

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