Boss OD-1 OverDrive Pedal

Expert Review

Though often overlooked when recalling the history of overdrive pedals, the BOSS OD-1 actually stands as one of the first to hit the market way back in 1977. The pedal’s use of asymmetrical clipping provides more edge in the overdrive effect. Like most BOSS pedals, the design of the OD-1 is pretty simple as you’re only working with just two knobs. One controls the actual amount of Overdrive, while the Level is used to control the volume of the pedal’s output. Warm-sounding and tough, this pedal has passed some of its technical genes on to other BOSS pedal with the company’s SD-1 probably being the closest in sound and design. Nonetheless, the tone that the OD-1 brought to the table still stands as a staple of overdriven sound, and is still avidly sought after by players today.Rating: 4.5/5

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