Bower & Wilkins HTM61 Center Channel Speaker

Expert Review

B&W's HTM61 is the larger (and more expensive) of the two 600 series center channels, and earns its place over the HTM62 by presenting clearer highs, noticeably fuller bass, and a wider sonic landscape that can easily fill all but the largest rooms. The HTM61 is notably picky about placement in a system, and the "sweet spot" for truly accurate 3D imaging is somewhat small, but easily outshines nearly all competitors in terms of tonal balance, detail retrieval, and effortlessness of sound once that sweet spot has been properly isolated. The B&W house sound is a bit on the bright side, due in part to their propriety tube loaded Nautilus tweeters, which amplify high frequencies, setting them as the focus of the sound. This approach works extremely well for acoustic, classical, and electronic music, all of which also benefit from the HTM61's tight, punchy bass that never overshadows the midrange or darkens the exciting, twangy tone. There are better options for movies, given the HTM61's notably small sweet spot and occasionally overbearing treble response, but if music is the top priority for your home system, the 600 series, and by proxy the HTM61, deserve your attention.Rating: 4.25/5

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