Bowers & Wilkins DB1 Subwoofer

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Expert Review

Over the last two years, the DB1 has become a familiar face in both the homes of the wealthy and the finest studios in the world. Known to reproduce the lowest frequencies audible by the human ear with astonishing realism and authority, it is the subwoofer of choice for those who can afford it. While not quite capable of the final few minute inches of bone-shaking bass as the Sub 2 or Captivator, the DB1 has an incredibly musical, accurate approach to bass, and while its twin 12-inch woofers are capable of rumbling wooden floors and waking neighbors, it is tight and accurate in its overall presentation compared to the Captivator, and downright tame next to the Sub 2. Its built-in room compensation tech ensures the best sound for your space of choice, automatically adjusting the gain and relative frequency response to best suit your room and produce optimal room lock, that much sought-after sensation of physical, room-filling bass response. This makes it a much better choice than the Captivator or Epik Empire for most buyers; unless you are, or are willing to employ, a true speaker enthusiast and engineer who can consciously hear the minute differences that will make or break a sound system's ultimate performance, and build or adjust your room and setup accordingly, the DB-1 is a much smarter buy and infinitely easier to use, which is why it receives my highest recommendation for most potential buyers.Rating: 5/5

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