Bowers & Wilkins MT-50 5.1 Surround Speakers

Expert Review

The MT-50 has received many accolades and compliments for offering an incredibly realistic and coherent sound at a fraction of the size (not to mention cost) of B&Ws full-sized setups, and may actually be preferred to a full-size setup for smaller spaces. The MT-50 carries B&Ws characteristic house sound, with crisp, accentuated treble that sounds clean and precise with movie dialogue, and absolutely fantastic with music, especially classical pieces with a strong emphasis on strings and woodwinds, like Vivaldi or Stravinsky. Its soundstage is impressively expansive considering the size of the speakers, and it is capable of creating a very immersive movie experience. The included ASW608 subwoofer was actually one of my picks for Best Midrange Subwoofer, and it earns its place in the MT-50 system by providing punchy and accurate bass, albeit not the deepest of the lot listed here.

In fact, the MT-50 is both the brightest and bass-lightest out of all systems in this review, something that should certainly be taken into account if your preferences for bass lean heavily one way or the other; most people looking to buy their first sound system will probably be interested in a bit more bass than the MT-50 has to offer. However, for those choosy audiophiles who have been spoiled by B&Ws higher end systems, or picky listeners who simply prefer to extract the maximum amount of detail from their system while ensuring that emphasized bass tones dont get in the way, there are few, if any, compact alternatives to the MT-50. With its accentuated high frequencies and tight, detailed, and well-textured bass response, the MT-50 is a must have for those who prefer detail to power, especially if music will be a big part of the systems use.Rating: 4.25/5

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