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    The BRV-1 is an underdog in the current war between major manufacturers for the best portable bluetooth speaker; Incipio, the parent company behind Braven, is better known for smartphone cases and simpler accessories, but the BRV-1 is a solid foray into audio products. Its bass has a respectable punch, and the midrange and treble are both clear, albeit not as well-separated as the UE Boom; it's not quite as full-sounding, either.

    Nonetheless, it does better than most in its class, beating out the similarly-named BTV-1 from Amazon Basics in terms of sound and features. Its speakerphone isn't quite as nice as the BTV-1, but still very usable.

    The BRV-1 can charge another device with its included USB port, which is a nice thought, but its small 1400 milliamp battery won't charge most smartphones to capacity, despite powering the BRV-1 for 10+ hours. The fact that it requires a mini USB, rather than micro to charge itself means that you need a separate cable for speaker and phone, which isn't exactly convenient, and an odd choice from a company that is more than familiar with smartphones and their accessories.

    Despite these few shortcomings, the BRV-1 is a quality product that is built to last and sounds good for the price. Between water-proofing, emergency phone charging capabilities, and very decent sound, it's a more affordable alternative to the UE Boom for those looking for a bit more protection from the elements.Rating: 4/5

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