Bridgestone BLIZZAK LM-60 2 BSW Winter Tires

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Expert Review

Winter no longer means that your sporty performance car needs to be locked away for the season. This tire comes in appropriate sizes for performance car applications and features winter traction that inspires confidence behind the wheel. Though the unique Multicell compound is not available on the LM-60 due to speed rating issues, Bridgestone compensates for that with a high silica-content rubber compound designed to keep the rubber pliable even in extreme conditions. Along with the tread design, this helps the LM-60 maintain high traction levels in frostbite conditions. The lateral sipes allow this tire to dig through the snow, and the grooves give water and slush plenty of room to escape from underneath the contact patch. The Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60 offers the kind of performance that will have you enjoying winter driving conditions instead of trembling in fear of them.Rating: 4/5

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