Bridgestone Ecopia EP20 Tire

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    If you have the latest Prius, go and check what tires are currently mounted on the wheels. Chances are, you have the Bridgestone Ecopia EP20. That's right, this tire is original equipment for the Prius, and also happens to be one of the better choices for the car.

    This tire was developed specifically for the Prius, and it shows through the ultra low rolling resistance design. Traction levels are not very high, but will get the job done for most tasks that the Prius will be put up to. Unfortunately, this tire is not without its drawbacks.

    The rate of tread wear is disappointing if you expect tires to last a while. Also, if you happen to own an older Prius, you'll have to purchase a new set of wheels to use these tires as they are only offered in one size: 195/65R15. On the flip side, these tires are downright affordable at around $86 each. If the tires on your Prius are worn out or need replacement, this is one case where it helps to stay with original equipment tires and select the Bridgestone Ecopia EP20.Rating: 4.75/5

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