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    The 575 is a reliable, compact fax machine which can fit almost anywhere you need it to go. Running at speeds of up to 9,600 bps, it transmits around 15 pages per minute which isn't bad for a machine this size. In the event your machine loses power or runs out of paper, the 512 KB of internal memory can store up to 25 pages of incoming faxed material.

    Using plain paper, the unit can hold up to 50 sheets in the upright input slot and there's also an automatic feeder than can handle 10 sheets in one pass. Auto dial is quick and convenient, capable of storing up to 104 numbers and the 575 also has Caller ID. The machine also acts as a landline telephone which can share the same line as the fax so there's no need for extra hardware.Rating: 4.25/5

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    • Evelyn R. Smith Evelyn R. Smith

    I can't believe some of the criticisms of this efficient little machine! While it is for home use and not for business, it is still excellent quality. The directions for set-up are clear and easy to follow, the FAXs are very good quality, even though it is plain paper instead of laser or ink jet. For our home use, an ink machine dries out since we don't send enough FAXs to keep the ink flowing. This thermal paper FAX machine is perfect in every way! We bought it at Staples, who said they haven't had one returned yet! For some of the reviews to call it "junk" is just plain unfair! It is dependable in every way and we wouldn't sell it back to you for twice what we paid for it!May 6, 2010 Charleston, WV

    Posted on 5/6/2010 5:57 pm | Reply