Buffet Crampn BC4011 Simplified Student Oboe

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Expert Review

The Buffet Crampon BC4011 oboe features a wooden body for an exceptional tone. The bell of the instrument features a resonance tone hole to enhance the oboes sound while a simplified conservatory key system streamlines the key system for young students. The key placement has also been adjusted for smaller hands (especially in the plateau keys and spatulas) to fit hands naturally. Octave key vents are designed to be sturdy and damage resistant.

Double fish skin pads are used on the larger keys to ensure the keys seal completely and avoid any leaks. For added durability, the body of this wooden instrument is lined with a plastic resin for added strength and helps prevent cracking. With all the comfort and durability needed for student musicians, the Buffet Crampon BC4011 delivers a great sound while also being one of the most affordable instruments on this list.Rating: 4.75/5

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