Burton Vapor 159 Snowboard

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The Burton Vapor is the lightest board in all the land, plain and simple. Carbon in the I-Beams and topsheet help keep it that way. While its sensitivity and design might not be suited to neophytes, anybody whos logged major hours on the mountain will be able to appreciate just how special this board is. The tech that went into this piece of art may be unprecedented, but it rides pure and gets you in-tune with whats going on under your boots. You may think that such an expensive, technology-savvy board must use the latest rocker hybrid, but this one delivers the tried-and-true power and control of camber.Rating: 4.5/5

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  • Paul S Paul S

I have heard rumors of the vapor for many years now and have always wondered if this board was as good as it sounded. This year i finally saved up enough money for it and let me assure you this board can live up to the toughest of standards. I am an extremely agressive rider who loves to bomb runs and go big with any jump in front of me. From everything such as hitting 60 mph on a trail or hitting a 75 foot money maker in the mt snow terrain park or riding waist deep powder in whistler this board will be the best in any field. Some say that the board will chatter at high speed and i have so far hit 62mph and it didnt chatter so my guess is that it wont chatter at high speeds if your experienced. JUST my two cents but BUY THIS BOARD ASAP. Trust me it will be an unforgettable experience

Posted on 1/20/2010 2:59 pm | Reply