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As of June 4th, 2013

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The original Python was already pretty awesome. Sporting an adjustable nozzle with two optional stream settings and one multi-directional burst spray; as well as a front track slide pump to prime the weapon for action. But they've also upgraded a few things; like the finger grooves along the grip affording a more stable hold of the gun in your hands, and the trigger guard makes the mechanism exclusive to your chosen finger so it won't rub against the rest of your hand. The newest addition to the Python 2 is the Angle Gauge Meter. This unique feature uses a circular spectrum of color indicators that can tell if you are holding the blaster at the correct angle with which to do maximum hydro damage. Based on where the needle is pointing within any indicated color section, the gauge will tell you if you're aiming the muzzle at the best possible angle for full range payload delivery. Rating: 5/5

Best Water Gun
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