B+W 77mm 0.6 ND MRC 102M Filter

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    Made in Germany by Schneider Optics, considered by many to be the premier maker of photographic lens-mounted filters, the B+W ND F-Pro with MRC is the reigning king-of-the-hill for screw-in type neutral density filters.

    B+W's filters are made with world renowned "water-white" Schott glass for pure light transmission, inasmuch as the best glass allows. F-Pro denotes the use of B+W's signature front-threaded brass rings, and with this metal you can be assured they will play nice with other filters should you decide to stack them. Few things are as aggravating as monkeying with a stuck filter when you're out in the field as brass rings helps prevent your filters from getting stuck together. The F-Pro spec also means the filter bezel is shallow enough to allow you to mount this filter on a wide-angle lens. In fact, you should be able to get away with a 24mm focal length on a full-frame camera before you see filter vignetting (the darkening of the corners from the filter rings starting to come into view of the frame) with this filter.

    B+W's best filters are multi-resistant coated (MRC). These coatings reduce lens flare considerably, are extremely hard which guards against scratches, and make cleaning smudges from the glass easier. The MRC process also creates a surface that is "hydophobic," meaning that water beads and rolls off the surface. Most importantly, the B+W ND F-Pro MRC has no noticeable color cast. This means that when you use it, you won’t have to spend extra time post-processing the images to remove unwanted color shifts. This not not only saves you time but also prevents the accompanying aggravation as well!

    The model listed here is the 2-stop variant, as 2-stops of light reduction might be the single most popular density among portrait and landscape photographers. Two-stops of neutral density will allow you to isolate subjects using a wide aperture for shallow depth-of-field on sunny days and it will open up some artistic possibilities like blurring moving water or perhaps capture the swaying of tall grass in an open pasture. The B+W ND .6 F-Pro with MRC neutral density filter will let you do all that with the best over-all quality on the market.Rating: 5/5

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