C12 Lacrosse Dirty Defense Lacrosse Shaft

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    There have been lacrosse shafts with carbon fiber in their makeup, but C12 has taken a different approach with their Dirty line of sticks. The shaft is comprised of a carbon fiber tube that gives the handle malleability, something that most metal sticks don't have. The handle definitely has some bend but this doesn't mean it's not a consistently durable or resilient stick (C12 even has a video where they show them bending one of these in a manner that you'd think twice about trying with an aluminum alloy shaft.)

    What you're getting is a lacrosse shaft that can withstand serious impact due to the strength of the material while having the flexibility to increase your shot speed. Because it bends, this stick can give you the added velocity to put a little something extra behind the ball. You get the recoil on the shot that other metal shafts don't have. This stick gets the job done consistently and confidently.Rating: 5/5

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