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So you're probably wondering why this smart pen costs so much if it performs most of the same functions as the less expensive choices on our list. To start, the Capturx has been designed for use in extreme weather. The pen can survive major rainfall and sub-zero temperatures, so it's well-suited for those users who find themselves in specific situations. The military, for example, uses these pens because of how well they stand up to inclement environments.

As for the standard functionality of the pen, the Capturx uses a camera installed at the tip of the unit to create a digital print of almost anything including your handwriting, sketching, and drawings. It does this by interacting with the microdots embedded in the specialized surface of the required paper needed for operation. Syncing the pen to your computer is very simple with the Capturx software, and you can fill out any number of forms that you can print out on the microdot paper for total digital capture.

Bluetooth capability lets you connect the pen to your mobile devices, making it entirely portable. Battery life is respectable if you're not using the Bluetooth setting, but the storage capacity tops out at 50 pages. But it's really intended to be used directly with the Capturx software, sending your documents directly to your PC or devices, so this shouldn't be a major issue, unlike the LogiPen, which doesn’t allow you to interact with tablets and smartphones.Rating: 4/5

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