Carriers Edge Programmable Thermostat

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Expert Review

The Edge Programmable Thermostat by Carrier not only allows you to assign a different heating or cooling program to each day like other programmable thermostats, but it allows you to program it though your personal computer or laptop using Carrier’s patented ExP memory card and expansion port. This unit is compatible with most two-stage heat pumps and air conditioning units, and it easily replaces your current thermostat. Should your heating and cooling system include a UV lamp to kill germs and bacteria, or include a whole house humidifier, the Edge will monitor your lamp, replacement humidifier pad and the return filter. The Edge offers optional remote room sensors to monitor the temperature in every room of your house, and even displays the time and the outside temperature. The Edge features a changeable faceplate to match you decor, and a 10-year limited warranty.Rating: 4.25/5