Cascade CPX-R Lacrosse Helmet

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    The CPX-R is a similar helmet to Cascade's mighty Pro7 but without the jolting sticker shock of their top of the line model. Both helmets contain the exclusive SevenTech lining system which uses honeycomb modules to displace the impact of hard hits taken to the head. However, the CPX-R differs from its brethren through the way it fits and by the shape of its shell.

    While it doesn't have a star-wheel adjust, does it come with a pinch gear which slides and locks into place for the perfect fit. This can be done while you're wearing the helmet whereas the Pro7 cannot be fitted while in use. The shell of the helmet doesn’t have the integrated visor of the Pro7 either, but a separate piece attached at the front. The back of the shell has a small tail-fin which provides balance when the helmet is worn along with thick cushions along the sides of the head for added stability.

    This is also a shorter helmet than the Pro7, as the backside does not extend as far down towards the neck. But really these are minor differences, since the SevenTech padding is why you're considering one of the Cascades in the first place. These slight variants on the CPX-R give you MLL-approved level of protection at a slightly lower price.Rating: 4.75/5

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