C.Crane Orphan WiFi Internet Radio

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Expert Review

The Orphan CC will work from just about any Broadband connection or you can hard-wire it into an Ethernet port and you've got access to the full spectrum of Internet radio from across the globe. With so many stations to choose from, the Orphan has 40 presets to keep track of those you want to re-visit.

You'll find every genre and sub-genre of music with this unit, be it Top 40, classic jazz, house, or oldies from the 50's and 60's. Even talk radio can be accessed here, just search for the name of your favorite show and the Orphan will not only find which stations carry it, but what days and times it airs.

You can search by category, whether sports, entertainment, or podcasts, and the radio will search accordingly to present a full array of programming. Listen to the FM tuner as you would on any other typical radio or you can hookup external devices to listen wirelessly via Bluetooth. The Orphan even offers the ability to play your music files from your PC.Rating: 4.25/5

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