Central Machinery 14 Inch Woodworking Band Saw

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Expert Review

Since we’re talking budget tools we’ve got to check in with our friends at Harbor Freight. They have a 14-inch, four speed band saw, which is probably the lowest price 14-inch unit on the market. Like many of their tools, this isn’t designed for heavy use by a professional, but for the do-it-yourselfer, it provides enough power and life to make it worthwhile. It even has ball-bearing blade guides.

The unit comes with an enclosed stand and a miter gauge for crosscutting material and it’s designed with a 6-inch resaw capability, which is a lot for its 3/4 HP motor. As long as you don’t try to cut too fast, it will work fine. For the handyman who needs a low-cost saw, this one is worth taking a close look.Rating: 4/5

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