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    The Chamberlin is highly recommended because of its many features, and ease of set-up and use. Those that live in steel buildings have found that there is no interference whatsoever, in both quality and service. It is reported to work at 900 megahertz, which means nobody else in the neighborhood will be eavesdropping on your conversations. This superior design will also allow you to talk across digital lines, instead of analog or FM lines, limiting the distortion and white noise that is often found with similar wireless intercoms. Unlike other similar models, this model will also not require you to plug each unit into the same electrical circuit, making it a truly wireless’ intercom system. There is also a conference call’ feature that will allow more than one user to be in on a conversation. Great for those who live in a group home with several members. Shown to work up to 100-feet away from the base, this Chamberlin will allow you to use it all over the house, and not make you scramble back to the base unit in order to answer a caller. This alone is one of the reasons this unit is favored by the handicapped, and those in a wheelchair. Up to 12 add-on units per base can be added, and their linking is very simple to accomplish. If you are technically challenged, a quick call to Chamberlin’s support line will walk you through it when you need them to. No more yelling through the house trying to find someone, or let them know something; with this truly portable, wireless intercom, you will be able to communicate in any environment, practically distortion free.Rating: 5/5

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